Released 2023-02-28.

Breaking change


The server requires .Net Core version .NET 7.0, Hosting Bundle.

Warning message when installing version 2023.1

When installing this release and the server is on version 6.14.12 or lower, there will be a warning message as per the picture below. This warning is only because of the change in the release number sequence. Click Yes to continue the installation.

Map portlet

The map handling library has been updated to the latest version. For the Map portlet to work correctly, the server that hosts the Portal returns must return the correct headers for .wasm files.

If the Map portlet does not display correctly after upgrading the Portal to the latest version, add the application/wasm MIME type for .wasm files in the IIS settings, as per the following instructions:


File name extension: wasm MIME type: application/wasm

New features

Time offset

In the portal, local time conversion can now be switched on or off. As default time offset it will be switched on.


As default, the local time conversion is switched on. This means the portal will be sending and expecting to receive UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) as the time standard.

The date/time from the database will be converted according to the locale settings in the user's browser. If a user is in time zone +2, two hours will be added to the database time

Any adjustments due to server locations and settings of connecting systems must be handled in the workflows.


The portal will not be adjusting the date/time when sending or receiving. This means the time selected in for example the scheduler portlet is what is sent to the server and browser settings will not affect the date/time displayed in the portlet.

This setting is only recommended if users and servers always are in the same time zone.

Improved export and import

Portlet export was added in the release 2020.14.4. The functionality has now been extended so the user can browse to where the exported portlets are to be saved.

Import of portlets was added in the release 2020.14.4. The functionality has now been extended so it's possible to import multiple portlets at the same time.

Improved header and column text wrap

The table portlet's header and wrap text functionality has been corrected and improved. Wrap column header is set in the default presentation. Wrap column text has been moved and it now configures in the Data source column on the individual column.

Map portlet custom buttons

Custom Buttons has been added to the Map portlet.

Portlet and container header visibility

Hide header has been added as a portlet and container header visibility setting. Header visibility settings are now:

  • Visible - the header will always be shown

  • Visible on hover - the header will be visible when the user hovers in the header space

  • Hidden - the header is always hidden. Note that if the header is hidden, the user can’t access the action buttons, Clear user settings, Refresh, Expand etc. When in edit mode, the Hidden setting will work the same way as Visible on hover, i.e. the header will be visible when the user hovers in the header space.

Freeze column

Table portlet - freeze and unfreeze columns have been added to the table portlet.

General portal bugs and changes

  • Updated component library and .Net Core version to .NET 7.0.

  • If the query in the query window (data source and list of value) was written as one line the user had to scroll in the window to see the full text. The text now wraps within the query window.

  • The sort icon in the table portlet was sometimes visible even though the table was not sorted. The icon is now only visible when the user actively sorts the table.

  • Branding extended mode did not persist even when Admin selected this option and saved. The extended mode is now saved, and the settings can be used by the end user.

  • Data source column mapping is used to configure the data types, i.e., if the data is text, number, date etc, to make sure the data is displayed to the end user in the correct format. The editable setting in the Data source columns in the Gantt, Kanban, and Scheduler portlets has been removed as this setting was not applicable for these portlets.

Portlet bugs and minor changes

  • Document viewer - Files downloaded from the document viewer got the title "untitled". This has been corrected so the file is now keeping its filename when downloaded.

  • Gantt – if the workflow was returning a table with empty records it was not possible to select the top line in the Gantt. This has been fixed so the top line should always be possible to select.

  • HTML advanced - General - Settings has been added to the HTML Advanced portlet. In Settings, it is possible to configure the header visibility.

  • KPI card - The KPI card portlet description was not visible if the KPI card was very small. This has been fixed so the description is visible regardless of the size of the KPI card.

  • KPI card - The setting Initialize load has been added to the KPU portlet. Initialize load: When checked, the KPI card will be refreshed every time the user enters the page. If not checked, the KPI card will only be refreshed on listening commands.

  • Record - The Record portlet data is refreshed after saving so changes are visible to the user.

  • Scheduler - Issue with scheduler tasks not being visible for some locale settings has been fixed.

  • Table - In the table portlet, when adding workflow as a data source and clicking execute, the columns are added to the data source column. The user can configure the columns, change the column display name, add type so formatting is correct, etc. If the workflow is updated, the user needs to click execute again and it used to be that all formatting was reverted to the default. This has been fixed and user changes to data source columns now remain after re-clicking execute.

  • Table - The table headers and columns were sometimes not aligned. This has been fixed so they are now aligned.

  • Table - In the table portlet, filtering on hidden columns was impossible. This has been corrected.

  • Table - In the table portlet columns configured to Link lost the setting when the user settings were cleared. This has been fixed so links will still be links after users’ settings are cleared.

  • Table - When selecting a row in the table the row gets a grey overlay color to show the user it's selected. If a column was colored, it did not get this grey overlay. This has been fixed.

  • Table - Search in list of values column only used to search for "begins with". This has been changed so the search is on "contains”.

  • Table - When creating a new row in a table portlet and the “id”-column is hidden then the workflow threw an error “parameter id missing from input”. This has been corrected so the portal passes parameters even if the columns are hidden from view.

  • Workflow - The workflow portlet setting list and card did not work as it should as it always defaulted back to card view. A new advanced setting has been added: Display as list. If checked, the workflows in the portlet will be displayed as a list. If not checked, the workflows will be shown as cards. The end user can override this setting and select to have the workflow portlet displayed as either a list or as cards. End-user changes will be saved in local browser storage for the user.

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