With the Novacura Flow Studio, we have created a true power tool for creating efficient, user-friendly and integrated apps providing increased growth, higher efficiency and simpler administration. And as usual, everything is based on step-by-step workflows. Now you can create multi-user applications, run tasks in parallel, use sub-workflows, send push notifications, get an activity live-feed, create parts of workflows that can be reused and much more. You can test run your apps directly inside Novacura Flow Studio, something that will shorten the time from idea to implementation.

With the simplicity of Novacura Flow Studio, you can go from zero to app in just minutes, as long as you know what you want to achieve - or discover potential achievements you weren't even aware of!

The Novacura Flow Help can be reached offline from the Novacura Flow Studio. When the Novacura Flow Help opens it will first try to open the online help, if no internet connection is available the offline help will be opened. The offline help will be updated for every new version and the online version will be updated continuously.

The settings for Prevent go back and Prevent pausing can be found in Workflow - Runtime Options.

Checking the Prevent go back box will disable the Undo arrow that normally gives the client users the option to go back to the previous user step. The setting will be applied for the whole workflow, including all fragments.

Checking to Prevent pausing will disable the possibility of pausing a workflow.

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