Version panel

Start a new workflow version by clicking the Edit button, this will lock the workflow and prevent other users from starting new versions. To indicate edit mode, the server content shows a blue icon to the current user and a lock icon for other users.

When editing a workflow in edit mode all changes will be saved to the server automatically. In the case when the server can not be reached changes will be saved to local copy and uploaded when server is available. When the changes of the workflow are done click on the Commit button. The commit button is enabled once there is a change in the workflow. If no change is required for a workflow in edit mode, click the Revert button to go back to the previously committed version.

At commit it is possible to enter a commit message. The commit message is option but is possible to make mandatory by ticking the Force Commit Message box in the workflow metadata.

When a new version is committed is it possible to publish the new version and make is available for the end-users by clicking on the Publish button.

In order to create a new version that is based on a historical version just open the old version and click the Edit button. This will be shown as a break line. In the example below Version 3 is based on Version 1.


When a workflow has more than five (as default, this can be adjusted in the server configuration) versions only the five latest versions will be shown and loaded as default. This enables faster loading since older versions are achieved. Double click on Load all versions to load and show all previous versions.

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