Note: If you have Custom Connectors in your environment, upgrading to 6.14.9 and above is not backward compatible with previous flow versions due to the .NET Framework update and will require a re-build/re-wrap of your custom connectors.


  • The .NET Framework is updated to version 4.8. Please note that the .NET 4.8 framework is required for the Flow Server machine.

  • When deleting a scheduled workflow, the schedule was not disabled prior to the deletion, causing the disk to fill with log files. This has been fixed.


  • M3 Rest Connector: Parameters with empty values will no longer be sent to the M3 API.

  • SAP BAPI Connector: Sometimes Flow studio crashes while configuring machine steps. This has been fixed.

Flow studio:

  • Azure AD synchronization did not inactivate users. This has been fixed.

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