System Requirements

The system requirements for a Connector Service (hereafter referred to as CS) will depend on the type of connector and the workload that it will experience. If there are any particular requirements for a specific connector service type, it will be noted in its respective help section.

Operating System

  • Windows Server 2012 and newer

  • Windows 10 and newer (not recommended for Production environments)

  • Other (i.e. Linux): Contact us

Software Requirements

The Connector Services Installer will install the needed frameworks (.NET 6 and in some instances .NET 5).

Hardware Recommendations

The hardware required for a Connector Service installation depends on many factors, including the number of concurrent processes, the amount of data processed by the workflows, and the frequency of calls to third-party systems.

The minimum requirements are stated below.


Minimum: 4 GB


Minimum: 4 GB of free space


Minimum: 2 GHz, at least 4 cores


The CS does not have any incoming traffic requirements other than what the Remote System might require for communication. It needs to be able to access the Remote System (i.e. FTP Server / SQL Server / ... ) and the Flow Server on their respective ports. Example: An FTP Connector with the FTP Server Command Channel on port 21, Data Channel on Port 20, and Flow Server (HTTPS) on port 443 - the machine with the Connector Service needs to allow:

  • Outgoing traffic on port 443 (if the Flow Server is on another machine than the CS)

  • Outgoing traffic on port 21 (if the FTP is on another machine than the CS)

  • Incoming traffic on port 20 (if the FTP is on another machine than the CS)

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