Included workflow - fragments

A workflow fragment is a type of workflow that can be reused in several user workflows. Use the Included Workflow step to connect a workflow fragment to a user workflow.

The Included Workflow step is used to connect fragments to a workflow.

Workflow fragments are reusable pieces of code which can have an input and output. Fragments are used in user or machine flows to better structure flows and allow the usage of one central piece of code.

Create a workflow fragment by clicking on File in the main menu and choose New, choose type Workflow fragment.

Develop the fragment workflow as wanted. Enter variables in the start step to get input parameters to the fragment workflow and select the output variables in the end step.

A fragment must have an end step otherwise there will be an error in the workflow.

When changing a fragment you have to push the updated version to the connected Flows. This can be done from the Included Workflow element in the flows or from the fragment.

Used in workflows shows if the fragment has got dependencies to other workflows. The Dependency overview shows the dependent workflows in a graphic tree structure.

In the drop down the dependent workflows can also be updated one by one or in bulk.

If dependent workflows are not using the latest version of the fragment, a warning triangle is shown in connection with the workflow.

To update an individual workflow go to the workflow and select Use this version.

To update all dependent workflows, select Update all to this version. Select the types of workflows which are to be updated and if the workflows are to be published. The commit message will be added to the commit of all the updated workflows.

The operation progress shows the steps in the update; Checking dependencies, committing, and publishing. If a dependent workflow is not update, for example if it is opened for edit, the log will show this information and the warning triangle will remain for those workflows after the bulk upload has been completed.

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