To be able to run Novacura Flow, a license needs to be issued.

There are two types of licenses:

  • Demo license - a trial license allows you to test and use all the features in Novacura Flow for a limited amount of time.

  • Customer license - a regular license that includes the parts of Novacura Flow that are purchased.

Demo license

Request a demo license by clicking on the Create demo license button, enter the required information and click Submit demo license request. An email with the license key will be sent to the contact email address.

Enter the license key into the field and after pressing the Create demo license button the license will be created and stored on the server.

If you did not get a license key, please do the following:

  • Check if the message ended up in a spam folder. To prevent it next time, add Novacura to your mailbox trust list.

  • Make sure you have provided a valid email address in the info section. If not, type the correct one and send the request once again.

  • Make sure you are allowed to receive messages from Novacura, contact your mailbox provider if it is blocked.

  • In case of other problems, please contact Novacura Support,

Customer license

When the customer license key is received, please do the following:

  • Start Novacura Flow Studio and log in to the Novacura Flow Server that should use the license key.

  • Go to Environment -> License and click on Create customer license.

  • Enter the received license key to the license key field and click on Create customer license.

  • When the message "License saved!" appears, the license is saved to the Novacura Flow sever.

License renewal and update

When the license expiration date is getting close, an auto-update job on Flow Server will send a usage file with information about how many users are used on the Novacura Flow Server.

The address needs to be reachable by the Flow Server application from the machine where Novacura Flow is installed, so the Flow Server job can call home and check if the license is valid. When everything is ok, the license will be updated and a new expiration date will be set for update date + one month.

If it is not possible to open a connection for, the license needs to be manually updated through Novacura Flow Studio every month.

It is possible to create as many users as wanted in Novacura Flow Studio but if the license is exceeded, a message will be displayed in Novacura Flow Studio and an email will be sent to Novacura with information that this license is exceeded. Novacura will check how many users are used after the usage file has been sent. If the license is exceeded, Novacura will contact the customer. To buy more users and connectors please contact your Novacura sales contact.

License is not updated automatically:

  1. Does the server have contact with Flow Home?

    Run in a browser on the server.

    • If a welcome screen for Flow Home shows up, then a connection exists. Continue to step 2.

    • If there is no connection, check for a working internet connection and make sure connections and ports are open to Flow Home.

  2. Make sure the Flow Home address is correct in the Flow Server config file.

    Open the web.config file in the Server folder located where the Flow installation has been made. Make sure the address points to the correct Flow Home address for the installation. The address should be the one mentioned in the previous point.

If the Flow Home address is incorrect, follow the below steps:

  • Change the address in the .config file to the correct address. Look for key “FlowHomeAddress” located in “appSettings”.

  • Run IIS, find your Flow Server instance, go to advanced settings and find the application pool

  • Once you know the name of the application, navigate to “Application Pools”, locate the name in the list.

  • Click on Stop and then Start to restart the application pool

  • The auto-update job runs every day at midnight (local time). After it has run, check and verify that the license was updated.

  • If the above steps did not solve the issue, please follow the next step.

If the Flow Home address was correct, follow the below steps:

  • Open the Server/log folder located where the Flow installation is made and check for any error messages.

  • If assistance from Novacura is needed, logs can be sent to (note that logs are only available from version 6.3).

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