Released 2023-09-27

Optional system change

Web client

As of release 2023.3 it is possible to configure the portal to start using the new web client.

The new Web Client is a single-page WebAssembly-based app. It is downloaded to the user's web browser before running, and processing is done mostly on the user's hardware. Read more here.

Go to the settings.json file located in the Asset folder in the portal site (IIS). Two new settings have been added: ngClient and useNgClient. useNgClient will default to false, so to continue using the old web client no change is required. To start using the new web client, set useNgClient to true.

Settings to use the OLD web client:

"ngClient":  "https://web.novacuraflow.com/",
"useNgClient":  false

Settings to use the NEW web client:

"ngClient":  "https://web.novacuraflow.com/",
"useNgClient":  true

New features


A new color theme is introduced in 2023.3; Novacura Royal Blue. The colors are selected to give good visibility to the users and good contrast within the portal. This theme will be used as the default for new portal installations. If upgrading to version 2023.3, the branding configuration will not be affected as part of the upgrade process but the new theme is available to be selected in Branding.

UI changes

The portal user interface has been changed to improve the screen real estate. The portlet header height has been decreased, as has the custom button area, table grouping area, and footer area for the portlets with footers.

In the table portlet, the quick action play button icon has been changed and the width decreased for the column it occupies.

The icon used for sorting in ascending and descending order has been changed and moved. The icon is now a triangle and instead of being to the right of the header text, it is located below the text. If using Click+Ctrl to sort on multiple columns there is a number icon showing the sort order. Depending on the available space to the right of the header text, this icon will show right aligned on the same level as the text or below the text.

The look for the Kanban portlet has been updated to be less cluttered and utilize the space better.

The stacked containers are now shown as tabs with the tab in focus being indicated visually by color and increased tab height.

A portlet header can be set to be visible on hover. The UI for accessing the header has been changed from a portlet-wide drop-down banner to a small handler in the upper right-hand portlet corner. The handler is visible when the cursor focus is on the portlet and the header is made visible by hovering the cursor on the handler.

Note - for containers, the handler will be in the upper left-hand portlet corner.

Portlet header - Action icons in a three-dot menu

In release 2023.2, a Clear filter option was added in the Profile dropdown. This action clears the filters for the whole portal. A Clear filter option has now been added per portlet and is visible as a funnel action icon in the portlet header. The icon will appear when the portlet is being filtered either from within the portlet, if a table, or by listening to another portlet. The filter, and icon, are removed by clicking on the icon.

In order to leave the portlet header area less cluttered, the action icons are now available from a three-dot menu icon. Some icons, filter and refresh, will however still be available outside the three-dot menu thus providing the users direct access to the action without having to do multiple clicks.

The Clear user settings icon has been replaced with a broom icon and the action it performs has also been changed. It will only clear user settings, i.e. changes done by the end-user like sorting and moving columns, and not filters which it previously did. Filters will be cleared by clicking the new filter action icon.

Change the order of custom buttons

The custom button order can now be changed in the portlet configuration. Drag and drop a customer button the modify the order.

Change the order of workflow buttons in the Workflow portlet

The workflow button order can now be changed in the portlet configuration. Drag and drop a workflow the modify the order.

Gantt - configure to show the ISO week number

It is now possible to configure the Gantt portlet to show the ISO week number in two zoom levels.

Record - configure Edit per field

Configuration has been added so Edit can be set per field in the record portlet. In previous versions, Edit was for the whole portlet.

Record - List of Value editor

List of Value has been added as an editor type in the record portlet.

Cascading List of Values in Record and Table

Cascading List of Value functionality has been added to the Record and Table portlets. This means it is possible for the content in one list of value to be dependent on the value in another. Read more about the set-up here.

General portal bugs and changes

  • Container - Issue with portlets being connected to a container not being displayed correctly. If one of the portlets was removed only one of the remaining was shown. This has been corrected.

  • UI corrections

    • Side navigator; aligned text and font-weight.

    • Texts in popups were partly cut and not showing correctly. This has been corrected.

    • The title and stripe header overlapped the chevron of side navigation for work users. This has been fixed.

    • Top navigation menu; Removed white space and gap between lower-level nodes to make navigation easier.

Portlet bugs and minor changes

  • Document viewer - Correction to improve bookmarks as it did not always work.

  • Gantt - UI - Improved appearance when the timeline overlapped a parent task

  • Kanban - cards in Kanban were not shown if the column header was a number. This has been fixed so cards are shown when the header is a number.

  • Kanban - Fixed issue so Map all column works when inRowSelected filter type is used Portal headers can have dynamic titles using {} brackets and listeners. This did not always work when the sending and listening portlets were on different pages. This has been corrected.

  • Record - added change so edits to the record portlet are kept after changing page

  • Record - After changing the data source, old data source columns remain under column mappers. This has been changed so the column mapper is updated as per the data source change.

  • Record - an old value could remain for admin in a list of values field when testing filtering and then changing the configuration. This has been corrected.

  • Record - changed in column mapper - list of values so that search uses Contains instead of Start with.

  • Record - portlet auto refresh caused data loss when editing record input. This has been corrected so the refresh is not done if the portlet contains edited data.

  • Record - The refresh data action button was missing in the record portlet header. It has now been added.

  • Scheduler - Color rules were not correctly applied when reloading a page if there were multiple schedulers on the same page. This has been corrected.

  • Speedometer - portlet content for a speedometer portlet listening to a filter portlet was not cleared correctly when sending a Clear command from the filter portlet.

  • Table - Corrected issue with Wrap header setting. Table - removed margin in the column header to make it possible to set the column width to be narrower whilst still seeing the full header text.

  • Table - The rnum that appeared in the exported Excel when exporting from table portlet when having db as a data source has been removed.

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