Configuring Infor M3 REST connector

  • In the Novacura Flow Studio, under the Environment tab, you will find Connectors. Click on it and press Add to create a new record.

  • Provide a Name and choose the Infor M3 REST API from the Type drop-down. Drill down the Configuration and provide the API Endpoint URL as well as tenant/M3 in Additional Path to indicate the Infor M3 CloudSuite environment. Example: URL: Additional Path: Tenantexample_TST/M3

  • Click on Setup auth. Tick on Use OAuth2 and Load from ionapi-file to fetch all the editable credentials automatically via the downloaded file. Repeat the same procedure on Runtime tab.

  • Under Advanced tab, specify if the invoked API will be personal. In other words, you can either create a Novacura Flow User Id as M3 User ID or assign a property to a Novacura Flow User Id which value will correspond to a M3 User Id. That function only works when either 'GRID-Administrator' or 'GRID-RunAsM3User' IFS (Infor Federation Services) Security Role is assigned to a M3 User ID used as Service Account!

  • After the credentials are successfully imported, click Save and then Save again on the Connector to save the changes. You should be able now to use the connector!

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