Database source

Fetching data from databases with queries

When configuring the table portlet and want to fetch data from a database using a flow db connector follow these steps:

Data source configuration enables the portlet to execute specified queries towards the chosen database connector.

  • Database connector - Select which connector that the query will execute against.

  • Your query - Text field where queries can be written

  • Page Size - Amount of rows showed on each page

  • Default Sort - List of columns of which the sorting should be done by default.

  • Default column width - The default width that all columns will have in pixels.

  • Database column window - Modify how the columns will be shown in the table portlet.

The Add and Map All Columns adds a column or all columns and their respective values to what is displayed in the portlet.

  • Datasource Columns - A list of all columns fetched from the query.

  • Column Name - Set the display name of that column.

  • Width - How wide (in pixels) the column should be, leave blank to use default.

  • Lov - List of values, only used when you created a list of values.

  • Editor - Set what kind of data you can input into the column cells.

  • Length - todo

  • Editable - Checkbox if this column is editable or not.

  • Hidden - Checkbox whether to show the column or not.

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