Released 2023-05-31


When applying service pack 6.14.14 (or newer) make sure to use the latest version of the Flow Server Manager Installer.

Flow Studio

  • Upgraded external dependencies to address security concerns and implemented advanced error reporting.

  • Streamlined navigation with improved clicking on warnings & errors, directly opening the relevant step.

  • Cleaned up the interface by removing outdated variables of signature input.

  • Fixed a bug causing the studio to crash when adding a property value before adding any columns.

  • Improved search functionality by resolving the issue of search reset upon content updates.

  • Addressed an issue causing empty labels on steps to become uneditable.

  • Enhanced the visual experience by fixing a display issue when opening the variable collection dialogue.

  • Resolved grid item and row style inconsistencies with row variable data.

Flow Server

  • Optimized handling of multiple AND cases and table concatenation for better performance and reduced stack overflows.

Flow Connectors:

  • MaximoGeneric Connector: Now supports APIKEY Authorization Header Type for better security and flexibility.

  • MaximoGeneric Connector: Enhanced functionality with added support for reading binary data.

Web Client Portal : Android Client : iOS Client

  • Expanded support for OpenID during offline data downloads and handovers for a more integrated and secure experience.

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