This Flow Script tutorial explains how to use the All function with syntax and examples.


Obsolete function.

The All function returns a boolean value indicating whether the predicate expression holds true for all rows in the table.

The Any function can be used to achieve the same result as All.


‌The syntax for the All function is:

All(table, predicate)


table - the table which is to be checked.

predicate - the value to be checked in the table if true or not.


‌The All function returns True or False.


Let's look at some All function examples and explore how to use the All function.‌

All([a: 1] & [a: 2], {a > 1})
Result: False

All(orderQuantity,{Quantity > 2})
Result: True

All(orderQuantity,{Quantity > 10})
Result: False

The Any function to do the same check:
not Any(orderQuantity where Quantity <= 10)
Result: False

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