Process overview

The Process Overview portlet can show information in data cards that allows for an easy overview of data from a single or several queries. The portlet can be used to see e.g. statuses in current running processes, employees planned for work on workdays.

Basic Data

Internal name - Unique string to identify this portlet. Portlet title - Title of the portlet, does not have to be unique.

Auto Refresh

Enables the portlet to refresh the data every SS:second. If data has changed in the columns the table wont refresh until the changes are saved or canceled.

Self-Hosting Flows

Enables the portlet to continue running when the user reaches for another portlet.


Commands enables the portlet to listen for events sent by other portlets to execute specified commands. This can be used e.g. showing more information from one of the data cards.

The portlet will listen to the following commands

  • onRowSelected

  • onFilter

The portlet will listen to the following portlets Specify which portlet the commands above will trigger from. The portlets that appears will be shown with their unique internal name.



  • Card height in pixels - The height of the data card when shown.

  • Card Column Widths - The width of the data card when shown.

  • Datarow Header Displayname - Name of the value Datarow Header Data shows

  • Datarow Header Data - Value of data, can be constant or a value from an sql query specified in the lane configuration step

  • Tooltip - Show the specified message when hovering pointer over any data card.

Icon Rule Configuration

Configure Icon rules on data cards.

Icon rule configuration

  • Icon - Not yet implemented

  • First value - Variable.

  • Func - Parameter to consider.

  • Second Value - The value to be measured against the variable.

Color Rule Configuration

Configure Color rules on data cards.

DefaultColor - the color on the bar to the left side of the data cards.

Color rule configuration

  • Color - The color that is to be implemented when the rule is applied.

  • First value - Variable.

  • Func - Parameter to consider.

  • Second Value - The value to be measured against the variable.

Lane Configuration

Query Configuration enables the portlet to execute specified queries towards the chosen database connector.

  • Database connector - Select which connector/database that the query will execute against.

  • Lane Width - The width of the data card lane

  • Cards per request / Initial card count - todo

  • Card Shown - The default amount of cards to show when loading the portlet.

  • Cards shown in Fullscreen - When in fullscreen mode, how many cards that are shown by default.


  • Title - The title shown in the top bar.

  • Background - The Background color in the top bar

  • Text - The color of the text in the top bar

  • Query - Text field where queries can be written

  • OrderBy - Select a column to order the table. Will be ordered by the selected column.

  • Direction - Descending or Ascending direction the OrderBy command will order by.

Flow Configuration

Double Click Workflow - This option enables a button that runs Machine Workflows, if User Actions is checked you can also choose User Workflows.

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