Text input

A text input interaction item is used when the user is required to supply textual information containing letters and/or digits, either manually (using a keyboard) or with the aid of a barcode scanner.

Text inputs have the following properties:

  • Target Variable The name of the new variable in which to store the text entered.

  • Prompt The label displayed over the text input field. For readability, it's often better to use a Text Header interaction item in user tasks with a single text input.

  • Default Text The text that will be entered as default when the user first enters the user task.

  • Condition To Hide

    Add the condition that must be met for the control to be hidden. If left empty, the control will be visible in the user step. Note that when controls are hidden, empty variables will be created, unless default values or pre-defined data exist.

  • Allow Empty Input If set to True, the user is allowed to move forward in the workflow without entering anything into the text field.

  • Multiline If set to True, the text box will expand into a multi-line text editor allowing line breaks.

  • Force Uppercase If set to True, the contents of the text input will automatically be translated into UPPERCASE before being stored in the target variable.

  • Enable Text Correction If set to True, the text input will be enabled for spell-checking, word suggestions and auto-correction, on host systems that support such features. Use this only for human language text fields (e.g. work order error descriptions).

  • Trim Input Automatically If set to True, the contents of the text input will be trimmed (leading and trailing whitespace removed) before being stored in the target variable.

  • Use Password Mask If set to True, the text entered will show up as bullets like in a password input field.

  • Keyboard Type

    Set if the keyboard is to open as text or number or if the input value should be an e-mail or URL.

  • Merge behavior

    The control behavior at reloading, see User step reloading.

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