Once a projection has been prepared for usage in Novacura Flow, you can define what operation to use in a machine step.

Simply select the connector in the machine step and click the button "Select operation..." once the user interface has finished loading.

There are a couple of different kinds of operations, typically a subset of the following kind of operations are available:

  • Create - creates a new entity

  • Read - query for entities

  • Update - update an existing entity

  • Delete - delete an entity

  • Actions - an operation that potentially changes the state of one or many entities

  • Functions - an operations that does not change state of any existing entity, i.e a pre-defined query, or create an entity with default values set

  • Code - a way for you to, in the context of the OData endpoint, write your own code in C# that does what you define.

  • Batch operations - multiple operations in one call

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