What is Novacura Flow?

Business process management platform for every ERP

With Flow, you can turn your business processes into simple, user-friendly, repeatable applications that put the right data in the right place at the right time. You don’t have to make compromises between your processes and your business systems. With Novacura Flow, your systems and processes are completely in sync—and completely adaptable.

Put your processes to work

Instead of just mapping your processes and forgetting about them, Novacura Flow helps you turn your business processes into functional, user-friendly apps—apps you can use to manage every part of your business, from complex manufacturing processes to employee on-boarding, customer invoicing, warehouse management and beyond. The results? Happier workers, fewer data entry errors, and increased productivity.

Build powerful applications

With the Novacura Flow business process management platform, you can create all sorts of enterprise applications to use in your business. Turn your processes and workflows into multi-user applications, run tasks in parallel, use sub-workflows, send push notifications, create components that can be reused, and much more. Your user-friendly Flow apps work on practically every device: tablets, mobile phones, laptops, PCs, bar code scanners, handheld terminals, and more. They work both online and offline, so you’re not dependent on a WiFi signal. And you can test-run your apps directly inside the Flow Studio, which radically reduces the time from idea to implementation.

Connect everything together

Flow acts as a layer on top of your existing business systems: a layer containing all your business processes, where you can connect your people, processes, and technology exactly how you want to. Novacura Flow can connect to almost any program, database, web service, IoT hub, cloud service, or business system. We currently support API, SOAP, REST, and many other connectors. And if there’s a connector you’d like us to add? All you have to do is ask. We’re adding new connectors all the time.

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