With the built-in Flow Basic Mobile Security Management all connected mobile devices can be overviewed and managed directly in the Studio or via a workflow. If Device Management is enabled for the environment all new devices that tries to log in to the environment need to be approved before the user actually can log in to Flow via a mobile client. In the same way existing devices can be blocked if, for example, a device is lost or replaced.

Devices that are unhandled will have status New and an administrator can either Approve or Block the device. Every time a user logs in from an approved device will the Last User field be updated with the latest logged in user.

Until the device is approved the client user will get the message This device has yet to be approved by a system administrator.

If the device is blocked the client user will get the message This device has been blocked by a system administrator.

System event

With the system event Device Status Changed it is possible to automate some of the device management and for example alert administrators with an email if a new device is connected.

Use the Flow environment connector and the functions related to Device management to for example approve or block devices via a workflow.

Read more about system events here.

Common questions:

How to activate or deactivate device management?

Menu selection Device will only appear in the menu if device management is activated for the connected Flow server.

  • Go to the Flow server installation folder

  • Edit the web.config file

  • Change the value of useDeviceManagement to true if device management should be used and false if device management should be turned off

Is device id the IMEI number?

No, the device id is generated from an OS-specific API made for the purpose. Devices with iOS will generate a new device id if the Flow app is reinstalled.

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