Web service

The Web Service Connector can be used to consume SOAP based web services. It can also be used to consume WCF services that are not based on SOAP, such as net.pipe and net.tcp bindings.


  • Create/update Connector In this section the WSDL that describes the web service is specified and there is also a button for creating the actual connector. Before a connector can be created it must have a Name specified. You must provide a valid URI to a WSDL and start Create/update before the connector configuration can be saved. The URI can refer to a file if there are no external references in the WSDL. Note that the file path is relative to Flow Server. If the URI refers to an http endpoint (typically it is) you can, if needed, provide user and password (and optionally domain) before starting Create/update. Do not update the connector unless the remote service has changed.

  • Runtime configuration After the connector has been created a basic configuration is stored in this section.

  • Client credentials Setups the client credentials to use when communicating with remote service.


Creating a connector to AX Document Services

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