This is the first version of this connector that utilizes some of the improvements that 6.15 brings to the platform. More will follow in coming versions, but already with this version, better performance and stability can be expected. The connector still works, as before, when connected to a 6.14 installation.

New features

  • If connected to a 6.15 server, the name of machine step is now visible in the communication log. The communication log page has also been reworked and is more performant and reliable.

  • The connector now allows multiple configurations to have the same name. Useful for instance in subscription scenarios where you do not want to have separate connector service instances for each environment. To reduce confusion, you can put "Tags" on configurations to more easily distinguish between them. If connected to 6.15, these tags will be visible (and configurable) in Flow Studio.

  • Read operation now supports reading the ETag of an entity.

  • Improvements in communication log UI, including the possibility to view request send time in local time (as opposed to only UTC)

  • Import/Export of projection usage

The connector web UI now offers more ways to import and export projection usage.

"Local Import" is as before. It is a way to copy enabled projections between configurations on the same connector service.

With the new feature, "Import From List", you can provide a list of projections to enable. It is very important that the names are exactly right, including capitalization. "PrintAgent", not "Printagent" in example above. Typically you have a list of enabled projections from another connector. When all the projections you want to enable are in the list - click the "Enable named projections from above"-button. Depending on how many projections there are in the list - and how big respective projection is, this operation can take a long time.

Export is more straight forward, simply press the button:

and you will get a csv-file that you can open in for instance a spreadsheet application. If you do not notice that anything happens, check your downloads folder on your machine. If still nothing happens, make sure your browser has not blocked the download.

  • Examine usage of projections

This feature aims to find all workflows on given Flow Server using the selected configuration. By pressing the button "Do analysis", you can examine usage in connector UI:

The result will show a list of all workflows using the connector configuration, including how many machine steps that uses the configuration and how many different projections used. By clicking on a workflow, you can see which steps uses the configuration, and how it uses it.

While doing analysis in the UI can be interesting, the other two options, exporting results to csv-file is more useful.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the space character got encoded as '+' in Media Library and Document Library operations. It will now be encoded as '%20'

  • Fixed a bug where newly added fields (i.e. custom fields) did not appear in machine step editor

  • Fixed a bug where Create operation would not be selectable if a required member of entity had same name as the entity to create

  • Fixed a bug where parts of url on Read operations did not get encoded

  • Fixed a bug where parts of url on Custom request operations did not get encoded

  • Fixed a bug where a locally installed connector sometimes loaded Media Library and Document Library assemblies from a previous version of connector.

  • Fixed a bug where you could, in machine step editor - during task migration, enable a projection that does not exist in target IFS installation.

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