Record viewer

The Record Viewer portlet displays one row in a table per page in the portlet. The portlet supports attaching workflows to the record page to be able to edit the data or for customized usage e.g. Dispatching a technician in the selected record.

Basic Data

Internal name - Unique string to identify this portlet. Portlet title - Title of the portlet, does not have to be unique. Read Only - Disable the option to edit the displayed data. Number of columns in group

Auto Refresh

Auto Refresh enables the portlet to refresh the data every SS:second. If data has changed the portlet wont refresh until the changes are saved or canceled.

Self-Hosting Flows

Self-Hosting Flows enables the portlet to continue running when the user reaches for another portlet.


Commands enables the portlet to listen for events sent by other portlets to execute specified commands. This can be used e.g. showing more information from one of the data cards.

The portlet will listen to the following commands

  • onGenericTreeNodeSelected

  • onRowSelected

  • onFilter

  • onRefresh

The portlet will listen to the following portlets Specify which portlet the commands above will trigger from. The portlets that appears will be shown with their unique internal name.

Query Configuration

Group Headers

  • Group name - a value shown as display name of a group that contains column mappers.

  • Align group - up or down arrow to realign in which order the groups are to be displayed.

Column Mappers

  • Display name - The display name of the value field.

  • Database Column - The column where the data to be displayed will be fetched from.

  • Group - Which group the column mapper should be assigned to.

  • Lov - A list of values (that can be set up in Options) to apply as filter value.

  • Editor - todo

  • Length - todo

  • Hidden - Wether or not this column will be displayed.

  • Editable - Wether or not this column will be editable.

  • Multiline - When using textinput and not Lov to filter, this enables the textwindow to have support for multiple lines.

  • Align group - up or down arrow to realign in which order the groups are to be displayed.

Flow Configuration

Save Workflow choose the machine workflow that will save the edited data to the corresponding database.

Custom Workflows

  • Display Name - The displayed name of the button

  • Custom Flow - The workflow that will be mapped to the button. By default only machineworkflows can be chosen, but with User actions ticked one can choose user workflows too.

  • User actions - Enable the use of user workflows as custom workflows.

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