M3 Infor API

The Infor M3 API Connector is used to integrate with Infor M3.


  • M3 Server Name

    • Address or name of M3 Server. Required.

  • Port Number

    • Port to use when communicating with M3 Server. Required.

  • CONO DIVI Parameter

  • Global Username

    • Username for connecting to M3 Server. Leave blank if username and password is to depend on Flow user.

  • Global Password

    • Password for Global Username when connecting to M3 Server.

  • Advanced configuration

    • Call SetLstMaxRec when getting metadata

      • Sets whether a SetLstMaxRec should be called before getting programs and transactions. If SetLstMaxRec is not called, M3 will at most return 100 items.

    • Argument to SetLstMaxRec

      • Sets the argument to use with SetLstMaxRec. Setting it to 0 typically will return all available metadata, but this can be M3 version dependent.

    • Enable log

      • Sets whether to write a log of certain events, such as opening and closing a connection, to the log file provided in Path to log file.

    • Path to log file

      • Path to the file where logs are written if Enable log is used. The file is created if it does not exist.

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