New features

  • Batch of read operations. Starting with this version you can combine multiple read operations into one batch read operation. All read operations must target the same endpoint, but can involve any entities on that endpoint.

  • Structured error output. Before this release, any errors were returned in a slightly inconvenient fashion (just a long string). Errors are now returned in a standard way so you can more easily get hold of the error (if any).

  • Resize of images from Document Library. Resizing images from Media Library has been available since version 2.1.23. Starting with this release, the same operation can be done on images from Document Library.

  • Connectivity with Integration Engine. The connector can now have a direct connection with Flow Integration Engine. This can give better performance , but the biggest benefit is stability and reliability.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where functions with same name (but different signature) could not be selected

  • Fixed a bug where certain projections could not be activated (i.e. ExpenseRuleHandling)

  • Fixed bugs in usage analysis feature

  • Various minor bugs fixed

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