Image selection input

The Image Selection Input is used to show a list of images that are selectable, it supports both single- and multiple selections.

Images that are selected are imported from image URLs > e.g.""


One can import a table with an URL-column of several images to list several images, item description etc.

  • Output

    • Target Variable - Output table of images selected and their properties(Text).

  • Data Source

    • Table Variable - Input table of image-URLs and their properties.

    • Default Selection - adding a source from the input table such as {Column2} will preselect all images contained in that column.

  • Appearance

    • Prompt - A text prompt.

    • Item Text - Text for the images, can import text from a column from the source table.

    • Image Source - Where the image is imported from, can be a standard URL text, or a column in a table with URLs.

    • Allow Multiple Selections - TRUE/FALSE checkbox if the user step supports multiple image selections.

    • Condition To Hide

      Add the condition that must be met for the control to be hidden. If left empty, the control will be visible in the user step. Note that when controls are hidden, empty variables will be created, unless default values or pre-defined data exist.

  • Reloading behavior

    The control behavior at reloading, see User step reloading.

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