Field focus

When entering a user step the focus is not set in the first field as that would open the keyboard and cover a big part of the screen.

When moving forward user step, the focus is set in the next editable field.

When using a zebra scanner, or similar, the focus is automatically set in control so the user does not have to click on the screen to scan, see Scanning.

List selection and list multi-selection

For the new generation clients, the Show Automatically setting in the studio is no longer used but the client will, as a rule, open the list selection and list multi-selection controls inline, ie show the controls opened directly in the user step. This has been changed in order to minimize the number of user clicks.

There are the following exceptions to the rule:

  • if the list is too long, it is NOT inline

  • if the user step contains other lists, grid, or other complex elements, it is NOT inline

  • if the user step has more than one exit button, and none of them is set to default, it is NOT inline

  • single select is inlined if the (there is a default button OR the list is <= 15 items) AND it's the only complex element

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