The event step is available from Flow 6.14. Trigger type Scanner is added in Flow 6.15.

Connect the Event step to a User step with a data arrow.

  • Trigger type

    • Bluetooth LE – use to connect to external device with BLE

    • Scanner - use this trigger type to scan into the user step

    • Timer – use to automatically update the step based on an interval

  • Target variable

    The variable the data is stored in

  • Device type name

    The device name

  • Device service UUID

    The unique id of a service that should be connected to, which we can retrieve data from.

  • Characteristics UUID

    The unique id of a characteristic is used to get actual data from the defined service. A characteristic is an operation within the service, along with properties and configuration information about how the value is accessed and information about how the value is displayed or represented.

    Currently, Flow only supports “notification” characteristics.

  • Data type

    How the data will be interpreted and read from the connected service.

  • Filter expression

    FlowScript to filter out if we should trigger an update or not, or if it should be ignored and forgotten.

Bluetooth LE

Read more about Bluetooth LE in Marketplace.

If a User step is connected with an event step and the trigger type is set to “Bluetooth LE” the client will present a banner at the top. The banner will show the status and information regarding the Bluetooth. The first time the workflow is run, or if only previously not used devices are found, the user is prompted to select a device to connect to.

The Bluetooth device will be automatically connected if the device has been selected previously, with the same service & characteristic ID.

If a user would like to change the device, it can be done by clicking on the banner and selecting a different device from the Select a device screen.

The banner will continuously show the status of the connection; Connecting, Connected, Lost, Failed, and Not connected.


The event step trigger type Scanner is used to scan into a user step. The main usage is when the user is to scan a barcode that contains multiple values.

The scanned value will be available in the target variable. Scrip and assignment steps can then be used to split up the target variable into the variables that are to populate the user step.

Note that scanning into individual controls on the user step is not possible if the user step is connected to Event step scanning.

If using the Event step scanning to select in a List selection control, add the scan variable as the default selection.


The Event step timer can be used to automatically reload data in the user step at a predefined time span. The Event step must be connected to the machine step which has got the data arrow to the user step.

For manual reload also see User step reloading.

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