Released 2021-07-15

How to get the latest release of Portal2

It is now possible to upgrade Portal2 to later versions without having to update the rest of Novacura Flow. To upgrade Portal2 to a later version, use the Novacura Flow Manager Installer and choose “Manage Portal2” from the settings menu of your Flow installation.

See more: Managing Portal 2.

New features and improvements

Icon picker A new icon picker component accompanied by a set of icons compatible with other elements of the platform was introduced. It can be used in Scheduler, Kanban, and Workflow Portlets.

Enable/disable breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs can now be disabled or enabled by the Portal administrator.

Translations Swedish and Norwegian translations are now supported. Translations apply to user views and are based on culture and language settings.

Administrator panel improvements

  • Resizing of this panel is now enabled. Minimum width is 300px.

  • We clarified to the users what kind of portlet they are configuring.

  • The list of portlets is now reordered and regrouped.

Scheduler portlet

  • You can now enable drag and drop operation between table and scheduler.

Drag and drop Workflow with “DropFromTable” operation type will be executed.

  • Task Double click operation is now supported.

  • Task configuration is extended with color property. This adds another way for coloring tasks.

Table portlet

  • Html syntax can now be rendered in table portlet.

  • Wrap text option was added.

Map Portlet

  • Marker coloring is now available.

  • Tooltips can now be configured for markers.

  • Labels can now be configured for markers.


Popups standardization New standardized popups and windows mechanism was introduced. Windows can be now moved around. The user can no longer minimize the Workflow Execution Window.

UTC standardization All date-related information is now sent in UTC format. It applies to all portlets. Workflow execution payload contains now clients Time zone and Time zone offset.

Reported Bugs

[NCRP-650] -UTC standardization solves the problem of passing the wrong date to a workflow.

[NCRP-587], [NCRP-604] – No more problems with login into Portal2 and using connector password.

[NCRP-590] – User with type Work has access to portal2 pages according to settings.

[NCRP-392] – Large integers displayed wrong in table portlet.

[NCRP-462], [NCRP-533] – Null reference in List of values was fixed.

[NCRP-605] – Portal2 DB Connector is working.

[NCRP-548] – Portal2: table portlet workflow source: only to be created through “new”.

[NCRP-479] – Portal2 Kanban Card Drag and Drop Doesn’t Work.

Breaking changes

There are no breaking changes in this release.

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