Released 2024-02-06

New features

Scheduler - resource column text alignment

The resource column text can now be configured to be left, center or right-aligned. Center is the default setting when creating a new portlet or when upgrading from a version below 2024.1. The setting is available under Advanced settings - Resource column alignment.

Scheduler - color rule conditions

Resource colors can now be configured with condition rules in the same way as tasks.

General bugs

  • Moved the collapse button to be outside the three-dot menu. This means the user can close an expanded portlet in one click instead of having to go to the tree-dot menu first.

  • The Export to Excel function was not working as expected for column translations and when the source table is grouped. This has been fixed.

Portlet bugs

  • Chart/Speedometer - Corrected an issue that caused data in only one portlet to show when doing a preview in Edit mode.

  • Charts - Corrected the issue where charts listening to the same portlet were not refreshed correctly.

  • Data tree - Corrected a problem that caused the data tree to break and give an error if all rows had the same ID.

  • Datatree - Before rowFilter was not included in data tree requests - so from now it's possible to make where Id = {Id} in database query, or within the workflow (so the same as with other portlets)

  • Document viewer - Markups in files were not displayed in the document viewer. This has been corrected.

  • Scheduler - Corrected that tasks were shifting to the side and were not in the correct slots when zooming in/out the browser or resizing DevTools panel.

  • Scheduler - corrected issue where InputTable was not sent to Flow when creating a task in the scheduler

  • Scheduler - corrected the issue where the spinner did not disappear as it should when changing day/week view.

  • Scheduler - Disabled the 'Delete' key in Scheduler. Clicking the 'Delete' key on the keyboard would remove a task from the Scheduler. However, since the task removal was not saved the behavior was misleading.

  • Scheduler - improved performance when using resource color rules

  • Scheduler - When utilizing a workflow as a data source, with the filter and pagination options, there was previously a method to specify the date range visible to the user in the scheduler. However, it's worth noting that the Start and End date were inadvertently swapped, with StartDate representing the end of the range and EndDate representing the start. We have now corrected this for cosmetic consistency. If you happened to employ this hidden function in your workflows, please be aware of this adjustment

  • Table - Corrected issue where clearing user settings caused an error if the filter used a hidden column

  • Table - Corrected the issue where the filter in a grouped table was removed after changing the page. Now it will remain.

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