Installation and log in


The Studio launcher supports the launching of different Flow studio versions, so it is easy to connect to different Flow servers, even though the Flow servers have different versions. As a Designer or Administrator, you don't even have to know which version you are connecting to, the Studio launcher takes care of all this, including downloading new versions and updates of the Flow Studio. The Flow Studio launcher can be used with Flow version 6.4 or later.

Download the Studio launcher from here. Login or create an account to download the Studio launcher.


Click on Install in the studio to be able to see which versions of the studio are installed, uninstall or update a current version or install a new one. The installation can be done both with and without an internet connection.

Install a new version Click on Install under preferred flow studio version to install a new version.

A user will be notified when logging in with a server address which doesn't match a version that is installed. Click yes to install and login with the new version and no to log in with the current version. The user must be an administrator to do the installation.

Update a current version Click on update under preferred flow studio version to update an already installed version.

A user will be notified if a new version is available when logging into the studio. Click "yes" to install and log in with the new version and no to log in with the current version.

Uninstall a current version Click on uninstall under preferred flow studio version to uninstall a current version.

Install package manually Click on install package manually to install a version of flow studio manually. Choose your package and click open

Log in

Log in to a Flow environment by enter server url or server pin code followed by your credentials. When leaving the Server input field an initial connection will be established and url/pin will be replaced by server instance name.

To save a server address, enter the address and click on the star icon and click Save. To remove saved server addresses, open the list of saved server addresses and hover over the address you want to delete and press the Delete-button on the keyboard.

Check "Remember me next time" if the username should be stored until next login.

It is possible to run multiple instances of Flow studio and server instance name is shown in title bar.

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