Windows 10 client

As of Flow release 6.15, the Windows 10 client is replaced by the WebForms Windows client. See WebForms.

Novacura Flow is an innovative, rule changing software with one sole purpose: to improve your critical business processes. With Novacura Flow, we put the business and the user in focus, allowing you to create intelligent and user friendly business applications in three simple steps: Design, Configure, Run.

System requirements

Computers, tablets and mobile phones running Windows 10.


To install the Novacura Flow UWP client:

Connect and log in

In order to be able to run your Novacura Flow applications, you first need to connect to the correct Flow environment. When you first start the Novacura Flow app you will get to this screen:

There are three ways of connecting to your Flow environment:

  • Scan Code: Scan the QR Code on the Server Page. The server address should be https://[your servername]/Novacura.flow.server.

  • Enter Pin: Enter the Pin Code visible on the Server Page.

  • Enter server address manually: Enter the server address above manually to connect.

When you have connected to your Novacura Flow environment, you should get to the login page where you can enter your Novacura Flow user name.

Depending on the set up, you will be prompted to enter one or many passwords. These passwords is either your Flow login password OR passwords for logging in to any connected system. The login can therefore be different for different users. For User setup, see User configuration.

Get started

Open the Novacura Flow client and enter your Flow server address and press the arrow to the right. Enter your username and password then click on login. The main view is displayed with menus and it is related workflows. To reload the menu, change settings or log out use the menu on the top right corner.

Start a new workflow by tapping on the workflow you want to run under the menu which it is attached to. Pause a workflow with the arrow in the left corner and quit by using the cross in the right corner. A paused workflow is indicated by a play-button in the right corner of the workflow. Start a paused workflow by tapping on it from the main view. To delete a paused workflow on a computer, right-click on the workflow and on mobile press and hold on the workflow to kill the ongoing execution (observe that all transaction that is done in the workflow will not be deleted).

Offline mode

When working with offline applications in the iOS Flow clients, all transactions that are produced by the workflow are put in a queue. This queue can be found in the Offline Data section, under MY WORK. The transactions are executed automatically in the background when the device has access to internet. Always download or update the offline data under Offline Data -> MY OFFLINE DATA, after that is done, then it will be possible to execute a workflow without internet connection.

Help request

Transactions that are done in offline applications will normally execute without any problems and then disappear from the queue. However, if a workflow transaction has failed, then it is possible to send a Help Request to an Administrator, so that the problem can be fixed. The Administrator can then either correct the problem in the back-end system or correct the data in the workflow transaction. When the Administrator has sent back the transaction can the transaction be executed again, and if the problem is fixed will the transaction execute without any errors.

  • If there is an error in a transaction a warning will show up next to the Offline data button.

  • Workflow error details are registered in the MY WORK section under Offline data.

  • To send a Help request for a transaction that has an error, fill in the optional Comment field and click on ASK FOR HELP, the Help request will be sent to an Administrator that will take care of the issue.

  • When the Help request is sent, then will the status for the transaction change to Waiting for response.

  • A notification will be sent when an Administrator has started to work with the Help request, and another notification will arrive when the Help request is sent back to be executed again.

  • To execute the transaction again, go to MY WORK section under Offline data, find the transaction that is fixed and click in TRY AGAIN.

The User can use the following options:

  • ASK FOR HELP: Send a Help request to and Administrator

  • TRY AGAIN: Retry a transaction without asking for help

  • DELETE: Delete the transaction (observe that all data for that transaction will be deleted)

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