Create an integration

Go to the Flow Integrations page (by clicking Flow Integrations in the menu bar to the left).

Click + Add which brings you to the page for adding a Flow 6 Server integration.

Flow Server: in the drop down, select the Flow Server you have added a connection to.

Under the Flow Server drop down, a list with all the machine workflows published on that specific Flow 6 Server appears.

Navigate in the folder structure to the machine workflow you want to create an integration for and select it.

Fill in the following details of your integration:

Name (mandatory): a brief alpha-numerical name

Description (optional): A brief description of the integration

Enabled (On/Off): toggles whether the integration is active for execution or not.

Now click the tab Trigger Type.

Click the drop down SelectTriggerType and select one of

  • Schedule - Scheduled trigger

  • Webhook - Webhook (http post/get) trigger

When you have are ready configuring the Trigger Type, click Save to create the integration and continue this Get Started guide.

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