SQL Server

This page describes how to setup the SQL Server Connector.

The SQL Server connector is available as a Connector Service as of Flow 6.14.

For documentation about how to connect to SQL Server using the Database Connector bundled with Flow Server, click here.




Address to the Microsoft SQL Server

Global User ID

User to login to the database with

Global Password

Password for User

Initial Catalog

The name of the database to be used. If there are multiple databases on the server that you have permission to use, you have to specify the Initial Catalog.

Initialization Command

Optional command to execute immediately after successful login

Cleanup Command

An optional command to execute on the database after the operation has been completed.

Command Timeout

Command timeout, in seconds, to use when executing a script or a query. If not set, the default value will be used (usually 30 seconds). Please note that this is the timeout between Flow Server and database. The communication between Flow Client and Flow server may timeout before the command timeout. If the client experiences timeout, but the database command does not, the database command will still be executed completely.

Connection Timeout

The timeout, in seconds, for establishing a connection to the SQL Server.

Connection Pooling

Sets whether connection pooling should be used.

Override Connection String

If a connection string is specified here, it will be used instead of the one generated from the settings above.

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